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In The News

Are your emails being ignored?

Email is a huge part of communication. Let’s face it, our attention spans are short and the list of emails in our Inbox is growing longer. We need to be crafty but clear. A simple subject line can make all the difference. The typical corporate email user sends and receives about 105 emails per day, according to a 2011 study by California-based researchers at The Radicati Group, a number that is growing by double-digit percentages each year. Mailchimp, the maker[…]

Mompreneurs: A New Generation of Business

Is the landscape changing? Is it okay to acknowledge we’re moms? That we love running a business? It seems as though the business of being a mom and starting a company is exploding across the nation. Here’s what it means to be a Mompreneur: a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur. It sounds pretty straightforward but underneath it’s a pretty intense balancing act. After recently attending MomCom in Austin, Texas.[…]

How to create an event people are glad they attended

Let’s face it. We’re over flash mobs, done with tweet-ups, and tired of raffles. So how exactly can businesses engage and impress passers-by at events? Read on for a few host-approved strategies that are sure to make you memorable:  + create a feeling of exclusivity. People want to feel like they are given something extra because of who they are. Create an event within an event, such as an invitation-only after-party or VIP shuttle transportation to and from hotels. It helps[…]

Channels Versus Content

Many of our clients come to us requesting a Facebook page, or deciding that they need a brochure. Once we start questioning the purpose and rationale behind these deliverables, however, we often find that they may not be the most effective means to achieving their goals. Instead of selecting a channel, it helps to identify the content that needs to be shared, and select the channels that are most conducive to sharing that content. This also helps marketers utilize their[…]

Does Corporate Social Responsibility Matter?

I was reading an old Forbes article  on whether or not corporate social responsibility (CSR) matters. It claimed that while it is a virtuous thing to do, it doesn’t impact the bottom line. But are there other indirect benefits to a socially conscious company? We think so. Having a higher purpose for your work motivates your employee base, and aligns the vision between customers and company. Do I go to Starbucks because of their generous labor policies? No. I go there[…]