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Mompreneurs: A New Generation of Business


Is the landscape changing?
Is it okay to acknowledge we’re moms?
That we love running a business?

It seems as though the business of being a mom and starting a company is exploding across the nation. Here’s what it means to be a Mompreneur: a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur. It sounds pretty straightforward but underneath it’s a pretty intense balancing act.

After recently attending MomCom in Austin, Texas. We were inspired as women, as business owners and as moms. The lineup was impressive from photographers, attorneys, bar owners, writers, philanthropists, editors and more. Beyond the obvious commonality of type-a, go-getters was the unshakeable bond of motherhood.

These “Mompreneurs” were especially inspiring at the conference, hopefully they inspire you to, check them out:

• Marci Fair
business owner and auther of TILT – 7 Solutions To Be A Guilt- free Working Mom

• Glennon Doyle Melton is the author of New York Times Bestselling memoir, CARRY ON, WARRIOR. She is the founder

• Trish Morrison, MomCom Founder and CEO,

There also seems to be desire to support each other as Mompreneurs… to partner, to connect and to work together. Knowing the love we have for our families bleeds over into our businesses and creates this desire to leave a legacy. We are all trying to sway and balance the challenges of worklife and homelife. From our families to yours, keep putting your passions into action and so will we! 

From the “Mompreneur” Partners of Cake,