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How to create an event people are glad they attended

How to create an event people are glad they attended

Let’s face it. We’re over flash mobs, done with tweet-ups, and tired of raffles. So how exactly can businesses engage and impress passers-by at events? Read on for a few host-approved strategies that are sure to make you memorable: 

+ create a feeling of exclusivity. People want to feel like they are given something extra because of who they are. Create an event within an event, such as an invitation-only after-party or VIP shuttle transportation to and from hotels. It helps promote networking among guests, and also provides more one-on-one time with the prospects you want to target.

+ get behind the scenes. Everybody is tweeting about the obvious: keynotes, breakouts, exhibit halls, decorations. Show up to the event a few days early and do a video on the setup. Offer to shuttle a keynote from the airport and ask for a pre-interview that you can post on your blog. Stay around late and show the aftermath images of the scene. Tweet a speakers’ thoughts before and after their presentation. Take the road less traveled, folks, and you might be amazed at your following.

think outside the box (or hall, or conference center, or building). Conference and event guests aren’t confined to the conference location alone. Many are staying at neighboring hotels, driving down major thoroughfares, and eating at local restaurants. Partner up with some local vendors and make your presence known!

+ give instant gratification. We are impatient people who just don’t like to wait. Blame it on the internet, your doting parents, or McDonald’s, but use it to your advantage. Thanks to mobile technologies, you can give instant rewards to people who friend you on Facebook, retweet you on Twitter, or pin you on Pinterest. Create a call to action and reward it immediately. Share exclusive content on these platforms, or provide some instant encouragement for people to connect with your brand for the long term.

+ Mix the old with the new. Print, meet Twitter. Cocktail hour, meet YouTube. Don’t forget about the old platforms and strategies that still work, but may need a new facelift and a little dose of technology. Brainstorm new ways to mix what’s been around for a little while, and give it a breath of fresh air.