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Channels Versus Content

Many of our clients come to us requesting a Facebook page, or deciding that they need a brochure. Once we start questioning the purpose and rationale behind these deliverables, however, we often find that they may not be the most effective means to achieving their goals. Instead of selecting a channel, it helps to identify the content that needs to be shared, and select the channels that are most conducive to sharing that content. This also helps marketers utilize their content more effectively.

For example, if you need to create a personal appeal for a particular product or service, it might be most effective to create a video. That video can then be shared via YouTube, Vimeo, a website, Facebook page, linked to via Twitter, sent through an eblast, and integrated into an app.

One of the tools we find most effective is a channel map, in which you lay out various marketing channels and the types of content they are most conducive to. When you create new content, you can review the channel map and distribute the content across appropriate distribution channels. By following this process, the message, not the tool, becomes the driver of communications.

Viral marketing works in much the same way: marketers provide the content, and the audience decides how that content will be shared, either by word-of-mouth, social media, text messaging, email or other means. It places the control in the message’s domain, and also encourages repeat utilization. This eases a lot of marketers’ struggle for constant content development, and also improves adoption of key messaging by target audiences. The verdict? It’s a win-win for everyone.