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Is your brand worthy of celebration?

Creators of intrigue and masters of results, Cake was founded upon a single mantra: modern marketing, simplified. At Cake, we extract the essence of what your company stands for to create a comprehensive marketing campaign that resonates with your target audience and celebrates your brand, utilizing the most innovative and effective media available.

Let Cake build your brand, so you can build profits.


  • Corporate Branding

    from developing identities for new companies to refreshing those of established businesses, Cake helps create logos, business cards, letterhead, and more to build the foundation of your brand and communicate the core value of your business. Part of our initial branding efforts include brand assessments to identify where you are and where you need to be, development of key messaging to ensure that you are consistently communicating across platforms, and strategic development to build a plan that incorporates all communications channels.

  • Event Branding

    Cake has worked with corporations to create engaging environments that attract guests at events of all types. Deliverables include name tags, invitations, registration books, programs, booth designs, text campaigns, lead development and follow up campaigns and more.

  • Public Relations

    includes press releases, media engagement, interview facilitation, press kit development, monitoring of press, crisis management, media training and more.

  • Print Design

    for both internal and external communications purposes, Cake will design, copywrite, and produce print collateral ranging from annual reports, corporate brochures, books and pocket folders.

  • Web Design

    we are well-versed in digital design, and combine knowledge in both graphic design and user functionality to ensure an easy-to-navigate, results-oriented website that resonates with your audience.

  • Interactive Campaigns

    we combine social platforms, user engagement, print and digital media and more to fully engage your audience and educate, persuade, and motivate based on your specific goals. From cross-media campaigns that incorporate a variety of marketing channels to single point of contact social strategies, we will develop the concept, implement the campaign and provide detailed results.

  • Social Media

    develop campaigns and strategies for variety of platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Foursquare and more. We’ll both manage the updates and/or develop strategies for internal execution.

  • Analytics

    ensure that your marketing dollars are being put to good use. Cake will create a monitoring system for your business that captures the return on your investment and helps determine where to apply your resources.

  • Copywriting/Blogging

    whether for digital or print collateral, we’ll write copy on a variety of topics. Content can be used for magazines, newsletters, blogs, brochures and more.

  • Video

    both film and animated videos; includes videography, scriptwriting, storyboards, and production