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Agency Profile

About Cake

Cake is a full-service branding agency that integrates design, public relations and interactive technology to generate measurable results from your marketing efforts. As platforms and communications tools continue to emerge and evolve, we look for creative and new ways to reach your customers.

Cake builds brands, so you can build profits.

At Cake, we are:

Creatives | Brand strategists | User experience experts
Visual communicators | Strategic writers
Interactive developers | B2B Marketers


We run our business based on three key principles:
We believe in metrics  | Before we start any project, we dive deep into the numbers. We understand your online competitive landscape on a quantitative level, getting to know market demographics, behavioral preferences, cyclical trends, and web analytics. We develop a detailed report filled with useful graphs, charts and statistics that will guide our creative process and help us to develop a communications strategy that will create results. Unlike other agencies that base their actions on intuition, Cake blends innovation and creativity with statistical substance that impacts your bottom line. Ultimately, we base our success on the success of your business.

We believe in simple truths | We take the complicated and make it simple. We dig deep to understand your core value, and communicate that value in clear, concise language. We utilize visual imagery, interactive content, and simple words that resonate with your audience to create loyalty. Cake makes sure that your messaging is true to your brand and is in alignment with your company’s actions.

We believe in partnerships | Cake is more than an outsourced communications firm. We become a part of your business, purchasing your products and utilizing your services. We put ourselves in the shoes of your employees, managers, customers and prospects in order to achieve a 360˚ view of your brand. We offer honest feedback, innovative solutions, and constant communication. We value our client relationships and align our success with yours.